We Custom PAINT • We cannot Custom-make.
We are limited to the shapes, genders and facial features
on our existing moulds.
IE: We do not make new shapes like ‘gnome holding a hammer’ or ‘gnome that looks like my Aunt Gertie’.

Allow Time
Allow up to 4-5 weeks if they need to be cast from scratch - less if we have one cast and it only needs painting.

Extra Charge
Just painting plain colours of your choice is no extra, but once we start doing stripes, patterns, logos etc it gets more fiddly.
Depending on the complexity of the design, it may cost up to $30 over the cost of the regular gnome to custom paint.
Contact Us with your request and we’ll see what we can do.

Some examples…

Stacks Image 161

My latest football gnome.

Stacks Image 138
A lady was looking for a unique wedding present so we painted up this King and Queen as the bridal couple.
Stacks Image 157
This wizard was painted to match the recipients' favourite pyjamas, beanie and dressing gown.
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Army Gnome

Stacks Image 299449

Super Mario

Stacks Image 165

Hello, 'ello, 'ello!

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Wizard of Oz
Stacks Image 108
This patriotic 'Wizard of Oz' is flying the flag for Australia!
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Stacks Image 337

Kiwi Gnome.

Stacks Image 299453

Canadian Gnome.

Stacks Image 140
We painted this Miss Sexy as Wonder Woman.
Stacks Image 299457
Geelong Cats
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Stacks Image 151

This one was painted for an Arsenal fan.

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Little Aussie Digger went to live in England.

Stacks Image 317

... Like a Surgeon!

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